About McFarland


  McFarland is an indie rock band that formed in Los Angeles late 2017. Built from the ashes of three different regionally touring bands, McFarland's members have shared the stage in support of many national headlining acts. 

 McFarland blends the hook filled melodies of the Replacements and Tiger Army with the hard driving crunch of Social Distortion.  They got the look, the chemistry and the most of all the songs. 

 McFarland's brand of songwriting reflects strongly on themes we can all relate to, taken directly from the songbook of the average American's everyday life.  Love won and lost, the have and have not's, trying in vain to get ahead, or simply attempting to make sense of it all. Wrap it up tightly in a catchy chorus and serve it up hard on a plate of power chords, and you get McFarland. Check em out today,  you wont be disappointed.